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We believe that every woman, irrespective of her/their education or demographic should have access to affordable and convenient birth control in the most transparent way.

Our goal is to help women connect with qualified physicians, doctors and experts who can help them make better decisions and learn more about what works best for their body.

We want to break the stigmas and hassles attached with physical clinics and waiting rooms by bringing all the resources to you, with love.

Birth Control Matters


Birth control is a crucial aspect of reproductive health and is essential to building healthy societies. Access to birth control allows individuals to plan and space their pregnancies, which can have significant health benefits for both mothers and children. Women who have access to birth control can delay their first pregnancy, which can reduce the risk of maternal and infant mortality, as well as improve maternal and child health outcomes. Birth control can also reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, which can help to alleviate the burden on healthcare systems and social services. Additionally, birth control can have positive economic and social impacts, as women who are able to control their fertility are better able to pursue education and career opportunities, which can lead to increased economic independence and empowerment. Overall, birth control matters in society because it is a critical tool for improving individual and public health, promoting gender equality, and building more prosperous and sustainable communities.

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