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So, Exactly How Safe is Birth Control?

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Birth control pills have become safe and effective over the past few years in India. Birth control pills are a good way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and can be used as an effective treatment for PCOS symptoms like acne, hair growth and irregular periods. Birth control pills can also help regulate your chances of ovulation leading to increased fertility over time.

What are some side-effects of birth control pills?

Birth control pills have been in the Indian market for many years now. Birth Control Pills are a safe and effective way of avoiding pregnancy. Birth Control Pills may have some side-effects but these side-effects are minor and don't tend to last long.

Some common Birth Control Pill Side effects include:

· Headache

· Breast tenderness or enlargement or pain

· Mood changes such as depression or moodiness

In case any of the above impacts you negatively make sure to talk to your doctor about it. In general Birth Control Pills are safe and well tolerated by women.

Are birth control pills safe to take?

This is the number one question that women who want to go on Birth Control Pills ask their doctors. Birth control pills are used by women all over the world for decades to get free from unplanned pregnancy. Birth control pills are made of hormones that can help in eliminating menstrual pain, regulation of periods and PCOS symptoms like acne, hair growth and irregular periods. Birth control pills do not cause any side effects if taken according to instructions given by your doctor.

A recent study found that birth control pills were safe even up to age 50, yet many women stopped taking the pill after a few years because they thought it was causing medical problems like cancer or infertility. It has been reported that Birth Control Pill users have no increase in these types of cancers or infertility. Birth control pills are safe to use for women of all ages. Birth control pills are also very effective against acne, pre-menstrual syndrome and ovulation pain which cause problems for many young women. Birth control pill can actually reduce your chances of getting ovarian cysts or Endometriosis. Birth Control Pills contain hormones that help regulate the body's natural menstrual cycling making it more regular and sometimes lighter than normal, less painful periods. Birth control pills not only protect you from unwanted pregnancy but they bring no harm to your health if taken according to instructions given by doctor.

This is a key point in the article because this is what women typically worry about the most when thinking about taking birth control pills so this should be included. Birth control pills are actually safe if taken according to the instructions given by your doctor. Birth control pills have become widely popular because of their positive side effects and relatively low risk.

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