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Telemedicine is Here...and It's Here to Stay

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Online consultation is a form of telemedicine in which the patient interacts with the doctor or clinician through websites, email, mobile apps or VOIP. Online consultations are now becoming more common as they provide an alternative to traditional face-to-face meetings and phone calls. Online consultations have become popular because of their convenience and privacy.

Digital consultations have been around for years but have only recently become a subject of scientific research. They were once considered unreliable and something that only teenagers would use, but today online health resources are seen as valid ways to receive guidance from physicians. For example, every year hundreds of thousands of patients access online services from doctors who provide medical advice either directly on their own website or via a third-party application or company. Online consultations usually entail asking the patient to fill out questionnaires and then contacting them via email, chat or phone.

How are digital consultations better?

Digital consultations are considered more private than traditional methods of consultation, such as the waiting room scenario where patients feel exposed and vulnerable. Adding to their appeal is that fact that they require no travel time and allow people with chronic conditions to receive medical attention without having to leave home. Digital consultations also allow doctors and clinicians to provide a much higher level of care in a shorter amount of time because instead of spending hours with each patient, they can provide quick medical advice by sending messages back and forth. This means that doctors have more time for other duties while still providing quality service, which leads to more satisfied patients. Digital consultations are also less expensive than face-to-face consultations because they reduce the costs associated with office space, staff salaries and equipment upkeep. Online services can be accessed even by those who live in remote areas where quality healthcare is hard to find. Online consultations give them access to physicians that would otherwise require a long trip or lots of money to visit.

Why is telemedicine gaining popularity amongst millennials?

Digital consultations are also very popular among millennials who prefer texting over traditional phone calls. They love online appointments because they save time and allow them more flexibility when it comes to scheduling their day around their medical needs instead of vice versa. Online consultations have grown so much so that many doctors now do not accept insurance for simple questions regarding reproductive health or general sexual health concerns. Online doctors have been around for a long time and have gone from being something seen as taboo, to being normal. Online consultations are especially important in remote areas where access to healthcare can be difficult or expensive. Online health services allow patients in remote areas to find the best healthcare possible at a fraction of the cost it would take them otherwise.

Today companies such as WebMD and Zocdoc offer easy ways for people who need medical assistance available 24/7 via chat with online physicians, self diagnosis tools using pictures and messages that help users understand what is wrong with them and tools to share medical history with doctors. Online consultations have also been beneficial for those who live in rural areas where it can be difficult to receive quality healthcare at a nearby clinic or hospital. Online services have made it easier for these patients to get the care they need from reputable physicians. The use of online consultations has skyrocketed because of their efficiency, privacy and accessibility.

To conclude , Online consultations are very popular because they provide a much higher level of care in less time. Online services have grown exponentially due to their efficiency, privacy and cost-effectiveness. Online medical services are especially important for patients living in remote areas where quality healthcare is hard to come by. Online consultations are appealing because they offer the same level of medical advice but with extra privacy that allows people to feel safer asking questions that may be too personal otherwise.


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