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Friendly Reminders From Our Gynecologists

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Gynecology is a field that is very important, but also misunderstood by many women today. As a woman reading this article right now, you are likely interested in your health and well-being. That's the simple reason why you should know these tips from our gynecologists at nōni.

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1) Women need to cleanse their genital area every day with soap and water. This needs to be done as part of their daily routine just as brushing teeth twice a day or washing hands before eating. Microorganisms can cause infections if not cleaned away from the genitals regularly. Infections may result in itching, irritation, foul odor and other symptoms that can affect quality of life. In addition, it is important for women to know that they should avoid using scented soaps.

2) When women experience pain in the abdomen, they usually ignore it or put off seeing a doctor for treatment because of their busy schedules. But women need to be aware that when they feel this type of pain it could be an early sign of gynecological cancer so these symptoms must not be ignored! Any changes in your body's usual menstrual cycle, bleeding patterns, periods that are lighter or heavier than normal or any other discomfort in the abdomen is worth mentioning to your doctor when requesting diagnosis and treatment.

3) Women need to take care of their vaginal area when menstruating by changing tampons frequently; every four hours during heavy flow days. If you feel uncomfortable, irritated or see an unusual discharge, speak to your doctor on the appropriate medication to take. Never ignore any abnormalities so it doesn't become something more serious later on.

4) Itching is very common in this area of our bodies which can be caused by a number things so it's always best to consult your doctor first! When women are prone to vaginal yeast infections, they should use 8% acetic acid solution as an effective treatment. Also, before using the bathroom after sexual intercourse, women should urinate because it flushes out semen that could trigger itching and growth of microorganisms. Sexually transmitted diseases are also found here so always practice safe sex! Unprotected sexual activity increases risk for contracting various diseases. Condoms are the best way to reduce this risk.

5) Breasts are also a part of our gynecological anatomy so it's important to be familiar with their appearance and how they feel normally. If you notice any lumps, thickening, discharge or changes in size or shape, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis is key in preventing cancer from developing in the breasts.

6) Last but not least, women should have regular Pap smears done because it can detect cervical cancer at an early stage - often before any symptoms develop. This is why it's so important for all women to visit their gynecologist for checkups even if they feel perfectly healthy!

These are just a few friendly reminders to keep in mind so that you can live a healthier and more informed life. Gynecology is an important field of medicine and we at The Gynecological Practice hope that our patients will always feel comfortable discussing any concerns or questions they may have with us. Thank you for reading!


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