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Marijuana and Birth Control...What Should We Know?

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

One of the most common questions that we get from people who want to know more about using Weed and birth control, and how it will interact with other medications. Birth control does not usually affect how Weed interacts with your body, even when both are taken at the same time. Birth control works by interfering with a hormone in your body called progesterone. Weed does not interfere with this hormone and therefore birth control should not affect it.

Weed and Birth Control & Birth Control Pills

1. Birth control pills and other hormonal contraceptives, such as patches and rings, work by releasing progesterone-like hormones to prevent ovulation from happening every month. This is the reason that most birth control pills have a slightly different effect on people who take them with hormonal medications for things like acne or thyroid problems. Since Weed does not interfere with this hormone in your body it is unlikely that taking both would cause any sort of negative interaction between them.

2. Birth control can also be taken through an IUD (intrauterine device). These are small implantable devices that consist of a thin piece of plastic containing progestin, which releases slowly over time into the uterus. Weed has been shown to decrease the effectiveness of IUDs, though just how much depends on the individual and their frequency of Weed use. Birth control IUDs most likely will not interfere with the way that Weed works in your body.

3. Birth control is one of the medications that can reduce testosterone levels in women and men, which is something to consider if you already have issues with low testosterone like some athletes and people with HIV do. This means that if you are taking birth control to regulate your fertility it may be necessary for you to adjust or stop using estrogen-based medications until after you try to become pregnant because they may keep your body from ovulating altogether. If this happens, discontinue using all forms of estrogen while using Weed as your primary form of birth control.

4. Birth control may also affect the way that you metabolize CBD, which is one of the most common issues that people have when using Weed for pain management or treating mood disorders. Birth control impacts the number of liver enzymes in your body, so if you are taking it, you should adjust your dosage accordingly to allow more time for metabolism. If you need higher amounts than usual this will still be safe because there currently is no known toxic level for CBD or THC.

5. Birth control does not interfere with the effectiveness of condoms in any way and therefore users may use them safely without losing any protection against unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

6. If you are using another type of hormonal contraception like a vaginal ring or hormone shot, then they will affect the way that THC moves throughout your system. This means that oral administration is going to be less effective when paired with these types of birth control.

While the effects of Weed on birth control are not as severe as those from some other drugs, they still may have an effect. Weed can be used for both medicinal purposes and recreational use, but it does not have any known effects on fertility or reproduction in women nor do we know if there are any risks associated with using Weed while pregnant. The idea behind this article was to explore how these two commonly used drugs work on the body of women.


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