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Starting a Conversation About PCOS With Your Partner

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

PCOS is a very private and intimate problem for many women. PCOS can be a really hard thing to talk about, but experts say that there are both emotional and physical benefits of talking open and honestly about PCOS with a partner. PCOS affects millions of women in India alone, which means there's a pretty good chance that someone close to you could have PCOS. And if you want to get involved in your partner's PCOS management, starting an open dialogue early on is really important.

PCOS isn't curable, but it can definitely be treated. You should definitely speak to your doctor before starting or changing treatment because different medications work differently for everybody. One of the best ways for your partner to manage PCOS is by sticking to a PCOS treatment plan. PCOS treatments can help manage hirsutism, acne, weight gain, and insulin resistance. If your partner chooses to go the medical route to treat PCOS, their doctor will probably prescribe birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptives because PCOS is caused by an imbalance of hormones.

There are also many lifestyle changes that you can both make for better PCOS management—for example exercising regularly and eating healthier foods can really help to combat some of PCOS's symptoms like weight gain. Birth control isn't the only way to treat PCOS! It's important that you check with your doctor before changing any part of your PCOS treatment plan because there could be side effects associated with certain medications or treatments. If necessary, your doctor can provide you with a PCOS treatment plan that best fits you and your partner's needs. PCOS management is important regardless of whether or not you choose to have children in the future. PCOS isn't dangerous unless it's left untreated for too long, so don't feel like you need to hurry up and decide if you want kids—there will always be time!

The first step towards PCOS management is opening up an honest and open dialogue about PCOS between yourself and your partner. PCOS can affect both of you but instead of becoming defensive or denying that there's anything wrong, listen carefully to what your partner has to say about their PCOS struggles. PCOS affects women physically but mental health is also a factor that PCOS experts take into account when PCOS sufferers come in for PCOS management. PCOS can cause depression and anxiety, which is something both you and your partner need to be aware of because anytime somebody feels really down or anxious, PCOS can't be ruled out as a potential reason why.

Remember that it's okay if you don't have all the answers right away—PCOS management isn't an easy process but it's definitely doable with some time and patience from all parties involved. In fact, PCOS doesn't necessarily have to affect how you feel about your relationship! Being open about PCOS might just bring you closer together than ever before because having PCOS doesn't mean that life is over. PCOS affects every PCOS sufferer differently, so your partner will definitely need you to support them in their PCOS management plan. One of the best things that you can do for PCOS management is be there when they fall down and help pick them back up again.

Remember that if your partner needs help but isn't ready to talk openly about PCOS yet, don't push because that'll cause unnecessary tension in the relationship! Just focus on setting aside some PCOS-free time for you two to reconnect with each other and take a break from talking about PCOS if necessary. And who knows? Maybe all your partner needs is one heartfelt conversation over dinner to start talking seriously about PCOS together because communication makes everything better!



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